Therapeutic and Support Groups

If you enjoy playing board games or watching movies in a safe environment, want to meet interesting new peopleor just hang out and talk, this get-together is for you. Interested? Want to know the details and sign up for a meeting? Let us know at:

Grupa dla wszystkich kobiet kochających kobiety. Dołączcie do nas, stwórzmy razem otwartą i bezpieczną społeczność kobiet. Tworzymy miejsce, gdzie możemy się wzajemnie poznawać, integrować i wymieniać doświadczeniami. Napisz:

If your gender identity does not conform to the gender binary, if you are trans and would like to share your experiences, problems, or just talk with people who feel similar to you, welcome to our Transgender Support Group in Katowice.Our meetings are anonymous and discreet.Write at:

Rainbow Families is dedicated for everyone living in same-sex families. Do you have children or are planning to? Join us and create an environment where you and your children can meet other families, spend time together and exchange experiences safely. Write at: